WANotifier is brought to you by the team at Fantastech Solutions, with the goal of making WhatsApp marketing accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes.

WANotifier is world's first and currently the only totally FREE software tool in the market that uses WhatsApp's Cloud API to let you send messages to WhatsApp phone numbers in the official way.

No need to use any hacking techniques or software tools that can get your phone number banned. Send messages the official way using the official APIs!

Our goal was to make a product that's way better than the competition and provide it to the world at a competitive price so that all small and medium businesses can reap the benefit of marketing to the large audience that WhatsApp has to offer.

About Fantastech

At Fantastech, we're a WordPress development agency and we work with digital and creative agencies as their outsourced website development providers to help them with all their WordPress development needs. We've been building WordPress experiences since 2012.

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