Verify Your Business with WhatsApp

After you setup your WhatsApp Cloud API, you can immediately start to use it for sending and receiving messages on WANotifier. But until you verify your business WhatsApp restricts you to send only 50 messages per day. You can increase this limit to 1,000 messages per day by verifying your business.


To verify your business with WhatsApp, you need the following two documents:

  1. Business legal name document – for this you can use either your EIN documentation, certificate of incorporation/formation or your business license.
  2. Business address document – for this you can use any of your utility bills (gas, water, electricity, etc.), bank statement or business license.

Verify Your Business with WhatsApp

Follow the instructions below to verify your business:

  1. Click here to go to MetaForDevelopers portal My Apps page.
  2. Select the app that you created to setup your WhatsApp Cloud API.
  3. Go to Settings > Basics page from the left sidebar.
  4. Scroll down to Verifications section. There you’ll find your business listed that you added during Cloud API setup.
  5. Click on the Start Verification button. It’ll redirect you to Security Center page.
  6. From the Verification section click on Start verification.
  7. You’ll now see a popup with title Verify your organization. Click on Get Started at the bottom,
  8. On the next screen, select the country where is your organization located and click on Next.
  9. Now on the next screen enter your Add organization details as shown in your legal documents and click on Next.
  10. On the next page, Select a contact method and click Next.
  11. Now on the next screen, Add supporting documents to verify your business name and address and click Next.
  12. You’ll now see popup to confirm/verify the contact method you selected in step 10. Go through the verification process and enter the details it asks for.
  13. After this is done you’ll see the following confirmation screen:

It usually takes less than 1 working day to review your details and verify your business. As soon as your business is verified you message sending limit increases to 1,000 messages per day. This limit is increased automatically to 10,000 when you start reaching your current daily daily.

Next Steps?

Now that you have verified your business, you can send up to 1,000 free messages to your contacts every month. When you reach that limit and want to send more messages to your contacts you need to add your payment method on their portal. Click here to read instructions on how to do that.

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